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SciCast Awards 2010 - Nominations


We’ve whittled. We’ve sifted. We’ve fallen out. We’ve made friends again. We’ve — finally — agreed on the nominations for this year’s SciCast Awards.

It’s been an epic battle. Not only have there been as many films this year as there were in both previous years put together, but the average standard has clearly gone up. Well up. It’s been unbelievably difficult to sort out a final set of categories and nominations, but here, at last, they are:

Institute of Physics Best SciCast Physics (Primary) 2010

  • The Electric Lemon, by The Electricians
  • What’s the Matter at St. Johns, by Year 4’s Weird Science
  • The Fortugue Smythes and the Plastic Bag Kebab, by Year 5’s Weird Science
  • The Last Straw, by The Extrawdinary Experimenters

Institute of Physics Best SciCast Physics (11-15) 2010

Institute of Physics Best SciCast Physics (16+) 2010

EngineeringUK Best Engineering Film 2010

Gratnells’ Best Film from a Science Technician 2010

Best Chemistry Film 2010

Best Biology Film 2010 (Primary)

Best Biology Film 2010 (Secondary)

Best Earth Science and Environment Film 2010

Flipside Most Entertaining Film 2010

Award for Technical & Artistic Achievement 2010

Judges’ Special Awards 2010

The judges wished to recognise a range of films that met the standard expected of nominees, but didn’t sit within the existing categories. A number of trophies selected from the following nominations will be presented at the Ceremony.

SciCast Best Film 2010

The nominees for the overall Best Film award will be drawn from the winners of the categories above, and hence will be announced during the ceremony.

What happens now?

Nominees will shortly — probably before they see this — receive an emailed invitation to our glittering Awards Ceremony, which will take place at the Royal Institution in London on Friday July 16th. If your film is listed above, and you don’t hear from us, drop us a line to

We’ll get all the films on the main SciCast website just as quickly as we can, and we’ll link through to them from here once they’re in place.

Huge congratulations to all the nominees; we look forward to meeting you at the Awards.

Our sincere thanks also to everyone else who took part, not just for your efforts but also for making the competition so tough this year. We hope you’ll agree that the nominees have earned their places, but standing out this year was extremely hard, with many of the categories very closely-contested. That couldn’t have happened without your efforts, raising both the range and standard of submissions.

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cameron wrote, on 16 February, 2011:

when are you going to put the rest of these films up? thanks.

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