Seed Dispersal

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Seed Dispersal Class 5T Brecknock Primary School
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29 Jun, 2010


Seed dispersal methods, through animation.

Director's Notes:

Class 5T Brecknock Primary School write:

An animation to illustrate some of the different methods by which seeds are dispersed designed, created and narrated by Year 5 (Class 5T) at Brecknock Primary School

Winner: Best Biology Film (Primary), 2010

SciCast Notes:

Animation can take forever, so this is a wonderfully clever film. Splitting the job up and getting different groups to do different bits is exactly how films like Wallace and Gromit are made. The clever bit isn’t in spreading the work across lots of people; it’s keeping the film looking like it’s one single piece. If the styles vary too much, or the story doesn’t flow smoothly, the final film won’t make any sense.

So Brecknock have been very skilful in how they’ve done this, and the result is both charming and informative.

High points? I love the bird. Good animation, but the character design is lovely too.

— Jonathan