Spooky Siphoning

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Spooky Siphoning Supertastic Scientists
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18 Jul, 2010


Siphoning, with added horror.

Director's Notes:

Team Supertastic Scientists write:

A scary encounter with our spooky characters who are siphoning red liquid. Watch out!

Winner, Judges’ Special Award, 2010

SciCast Notes:

This film sums up everything SciCast is about:

  • Great demonstration — check.
  • Clear explanation — check.
  • Short — check.
  • ‘Good enough’ quality — check.
  • Confident performances — check.
  • ‘Not boring’ — check.
  • Ridiculous and faintly incomprehensible approach that’s nevertheless thoroughly charming and makes the whole thing watchable even if you’ve no idea why anything’s happening — check.

I love love love this film. It’s silly, absurd, funny… and an excellent bit of science.

A worthy winner of a special award mention from our judges.

— Jonathan