Let’s Talk Winglets

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Let's Talk Winglets The Falangists
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23 May, 2010


Documentary about aircraft wing design.

Director's Notes:

Team The Falangists write:

A short film about how wing design can affect the fuel efficiency of aircrafts, focussing principally on the winglet.

The team comprised four students, aged 16 and 17, all from London.

Nominee, EngineeringUK Best Engineering Film, 2010

SciCast Notes:

It’s good to see a film about an engineering topic, and winglets are indeed a hot topic in aeronautics — wing design really is a key part of improving the fuel efficiency of aircraft, and there are several different approaches to controlling wing-tip vortices and the drag they induce. Good choice of subject, then, and a well-considered structure to the film.

The big question is whether the demonstration shown in this film is convincing, or not. What do you reckon? Sold on the concept, or do you still need more evidence — and if so, what sort of evidence? You know where the comments section is…

— Jonathan