Animated Rat Dissection

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Animated Rat Dissection By Wrights
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27 Feb, 2010


Want to know what’s inside a rat? This film will show you… in modeling clay.

Director's Notes:

We wanted to watch an animated Rat dissection as the Science club at school was doing a real rat dissection and some students did not want to watch. In science club we experimented with different ways to represent the rat dissection, eg on paper. As there was no animated version that did not contain real rats we decided to make our own film.

No rats were harmed during the making of this movie.

Winner: Best Biology Film, 2010

SciCast Notes:

This film is wonderful.

It’s clear, witty, shows you what you need to know, and runs for less than two minutes. It even finishes with a nice little flourish.

It’s also a terrific example of what you can achieve with limited resources. The sound is a bit fuzzy, it’s been put together from still photographs rather than video, and the light keeps changing — but none of that matters, because it’s been assembled with care and charm.

One of my favourites from SciCast so far, and a great way to head off into 2010.

— Jonathan.