How Hot Air balloons Fly

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License: Creative Commons Attribution How Hot Air balloons Fly FALB
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18 Jul, 2010


An animated explanation of hot air balloons.

Director's Notes:

Team FALB describe their film:

It starts with a demonstration of air expanding in a plastic bottle when heated. This is followed by a hand drawn demonstration of what goes on in a balloon when the air is heated (loss of mass as the air expands and molecules leave the envelope). There is a brief explanation of lift vs. gravity in terms of weight loss. Final frame of a Chinese Sky Candle lifting off.

The team was one nine year-old, and his dad.

Winner: Ignition* Best Film from the East Midlands, 2010

SciCast Notes:

Most SciCast films come from school groups. Increasingly, we’re seeing groups of friends making films on their own time — often the year after they’ve made films in school — but this is the first year when we’ve had many films from families.

You know what? Something like this is a lovely weekend family project. We always thought this — see Stanley’s Balloon Flute, one of the very first SciCast test films, made with my nephew — but it’s difficult to get word out to families. I’m delighted people are starting to pick up on the project.

Besides all that, this is a delightfully charming film. Lovely.

— Jonathan.

You can find out more about the Ignition* programme of creative science activities and events in the East Midlands via their website.