Gravity, Mass and Weight

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Gravity, Mass and Weight Oliver Madgwick
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18 Jul, 2010


The difference between mass and weight, in Lego. Best Film 2010.

Director's Notes:

Film-maker Oliver Madgwick writes:

Based on the first moon landing, my film was made using Lego animation. It explains the difference between mass and weight, in relation to gravity.

Oliver (age 17) made the film all on his lonesome, as you’ll see from the end credits.

Winner: Technical and Creative Achievement, 2010

Winner: Best Film, 2010

SciCast Notes:

This is outstanding. It’s beautifully shot, lit, edited, written, performed, dubbed… The detail is incredible (the astronaut leaves a Lego footprint on the moon, did you notice?), the ageing effects are nicely judged, and the film has a nice edge of humour too.

All by one person? Utterly remarkable, and a cracking achievement by Oliver.

Winner? You bet.

— Jonathan.