Balloonium Experimento

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Balloonium Experimento ReverseInertia?
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23 May, 2010


Two balloons, a van, and an unexpected result.

Director's Notes:

Team ReverseInertia? write:

In this video you see two balloons in a van which is braking. The air filled balloon swings to the front of the van. The helium filled balloon swings towards the back of the van. The video also explains why this happens.

You’ll also see the near death of a light in the physics lab. Most of this was done without teacher input and we had to learn all the videoing and editing from scratch.

The team consisted of 4 AS physics students, with their teacher ‘keeping a fairly loose eye on things,’ and driving the van. We hope not at the same time, obviously.

Nominee, Judges’ Special Awards, 2010

SciCast Notes:

This film is a terrific example of how much detail you can pack into two and a half minutes if you just get on with it. No mucking around, get straight into the film and start showing phenomena and explaining what we’re seeing.

Now, it’s a tricky thing they’re trying to film, and perhaps it might have helped if we’d seen what they were talking about a little earlier in the film. But that’s the joy of web video - order doesn’t matter so much, because you can always go back and watch the film again.

So, I like this. It’s not without its faults, but they’re mainly a result of it being an ambitious film in the first place. Good effort.

— Jonathan.