The Doppler Effect

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License: Creative Commons Attribution The Doppler Effect Simple Science Productions
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23 May, 2010


An animated explanation of the auditory effect.

Director's Notes:

Team Simple Science Productions write:

Our video is a visual explanation of the audio phenomenon known as the Doppler Effect. Filming through a glass table — with the aid of some board markers, sketches that we drew and a white board — Rishi and I very simply explain how the Doppler Effect occurs in an everyday situation. We hope its funny and useful!

That paragraph was written by James Cameron, who has gone to great lengths in all his correspondence with us to note:

(I am not the director of Avatar)

…but we know the truth.

Winner: Institute of Physics Best SciCast Physics Film, 2010

SciCast Notes:

I love love love the style of this film. It’s clean and elegant, and deceptively simple. Which is to say: it wouldn’t have been easy to make this at all. That it all looks so effortless is a tribute to the planning and care with which the team has approached it. Best of all is that at no point does it feel rushed — the narration is even and unhurried without being lifeless and dull.

It’s an extremely well-judged film. Terrific stuff.

— Jonathan.