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License: Creative Commons Attribution Where STEM can take you Genevieve Hinde
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18 Jul, 2010


A spin through some STEM-related careers.

Director's Notes:

The whole theme was around a train map, but instead of stations you have jobs and the train lines are science, technology, engineering and maths. I had an animation of the map appearing, I really liked this idea but unfortunately the image is too blurry to read the jobs. I thought about having descriptions of some of the jobs but did not want to do them myself so I decided to draw on socks which also gives it a comical effect.

I was running out of time and needed some sound so I plugged a microphone into my computer and recorded me playing the drums as the background which I think works ok. I couldn’t play around with the animations very much because they could only be made with software at school and I made this in the holidays, so I had to take all the pictures and then go in for a catch up day and make them then. If I did this again I would definitely make sure the quality of the images was better and I would try and get it done a bit sooner, rather than having to rush it.

Winner: Future Morph Best Careers Film, 2010

SciCast Notes:

Find out more about the Future Morph project at their website.

There’s usually something I particularly like about a film. It could be the camerawork, or some detail of lighting, or a nuance of performance. Something very specific that catches my eye or ear.

In this case, it’s Genevieve’s notes. Many films arrive with very sparse notes, occasionally shorter than the film’s title, even. But here, we have a glimpse of just how much is involved in putting together a film on your own. A heap of work has gone into this, and having some notes on the process is tremendously valuable.

Thanks, Genevieve - and congratulations!

— Jonathan.