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License: Creative Commons Attribution Sonoluminescence It's Physics Time
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18 Jul, 2010


Light from sound. Wait… what?

Director's Notes:

Team It’s Physics Time write:

Light Energy from Sound Energy… surely this can’t be true!?

The phenomenon that is sonoluminescence.

The team was four-strong, ages 17 and 18.

Winner, Judges’ Special Award, 2010

SciCast Notes:

There are lots of things to like about this film. That the team can spell ‘sonoluminescence’ is noteworthy in itself.

But what I really like is that this is a fascinating subject, only with not much to look at. Sonoluminescence isn’t exactly something you can demonstrate in your kitchen. So this is a brilliantly-crafted film with a very careful script, delivered superbly, and the team have worked hard to provide enough variation in the shots to keep our attention. They’re even using their own previous films to provide archive footage to round it all out.

So there’s no demonstration, and nothing really happens. But it’s still a really well-crafted film. I’m impressed.

— Jonathan