SciCast – Competition


Deadline 2011 calendar

The deadline for submissions to the SciCast Awards 2011 is:

Wednesday 27th April 2011

Films received after the deadline are not guaranteed to be eligible for the 2011 competition. We’ll do our best, but no promises: more notes here.

Nominations, Judging, Awards Ceremony

Keep an eye on the blog for information about the schedule after the deadline, but as a rought guide we’ll aim to announce nominations shortlists in late May. If we’ve scraped together the pennies to pay for an Awards Ceremony that’ll be held just before the Summer break, in mid-July.

Geek Calendar

No idea what the image above is about? It’s from a calendar put together to support libel law reform, featuring a whole host of public and behind-the-scenes scientists and science communicators. The Geek Calendar was a fabulous effort and we’re big fans at SciCast Orbiting World Headquarters. Unfortunately, all 2000 copies sold out. Sorry. Maybe next year?