SciCast – Competition


2010 Nominees: Adults Nominees 2010: Family

Anyone is welcome to submit films for publication on SciCast!

Schools, families, youth groups, professional scientists, engineers, academics, people in industry — you name it.

2010 Overall Winner Oliver Madgwick

True, most of our entries come from schools, and we structure the competition around them, but there’s no upper or lower limit on ages, and the members of your team don’t have to be all the same age. We will ask you about your team when you submit your film, though, so the judges can take your ages and experience into consideration. Where we can, we split school entries into primary, secondary, and ‘16+’ categories.

Most submissions are from small teams, of around five or six members, but we’re not fussy — if you’re the creative loner type, that’s fine; if you’re an entire year group in a school making a huge animation between you, that’s terrific too.

The only real limits are:

  1. We have to restrict entries to residents of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Sorry.
  2. If you class yourself as a professional film-maker (broadly: if you get paid to make films, even if you did the one you send us on your own time), we’d love to publish your work, but it doesn’t seem entirely fair to judge it against films from schools.

There’s a page all about films not intended for the competition.