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The deadline for submissions to SciCast 2011 is Wednesday 27th April. That’s not changing. But…

Since we set that deadline there’s been a royal wedding announced, some weird things have happened to the Easter holidays, and more recently this website has had its problems. Some schools have shifted their break so they’re not back by the time the deadline happens, which is unfortunate. So:

  • The official deadline is still Wednesday 27th April. If you want to be sure your film is eligible for this year’s competition, you’ll need to get it to us by then.
  • That said, we’re not going to take our own deadline too seriously. if you’re a few days late you’ll probably be OK.

To be honest it’s always been a little bit like this in practice, what with post delays and the like. We’re just confessing to everyone rather than only to those who ask/plead/beg for a little more time.

As guidance, you’ll probably be OK if your film reaches us by, say, 4th May, you might be lucky if you’re as late as the 6th. After that is getting distinctly hazy. No promises, but we’ll do everything we can to include as many films as we can — if you do what you can to get your films in as soon as you can.


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