SciCast – Competition

Prizes — What do you win?

One of these:

SciCast Trophies 2010

I mean, really, we could try to tempt you with something that sounded cool, but nothing beats a shiny lump of perspex and aluminium. The SciCast trophies are really lovely, and there’s one of these for each winning team.

Inevitably, your school is going to pinch it and stick it on a shelf near the head’s office so it can dazzle visitors, which is great and all but a bit sucky if the person who slaved over the film was you. Fear not, though, as we also make nifty little individual trophies for everyone on a winning team. They’re quite dashing, they’re very exclusive, and in three years not a single one has turned up on eBay. So people must covet them.

“Yeah, OK, trophies, and… what else?”

OooooOOOOoooh! You want more?

OK, so here’s the thing: in previous years, we’ve argued about giving out, say, cameras to the winning teams. But that doesn’t quite make sense to us, since we suspect you’ve already got a camera. We can tell. You made a film.

Besides, if we give a camera to a team… who keeps it?

Much as we’d love to give a valuable prize to each individual team member, we don’t have that sort of money. Sorry. So what can we do?

Well, in previous years we’ve given Amazon vouchers to the team, and let them sort out how to divvy them up. Where’s that got us? Arguments, frankly.


So. Suppose we manage to scrape together a few pennies this time around, what should we do? Vouchers again, only being more clear about whether they’re for the team or the school? Or should we be arm-twisting Panasonic or Canon or Kodak for a bunch of cameras, or Adobe for software, or something like that? Or do you have a better idea?

Please, leave your thoughts in the comments below, or drop us an email: We’d love to hear your thoughts. Be creative, be clever, be honest, and be reasonable — you’re good at all of these things. We know. We’ve seen your films.

What would get you all fired-up about SciCast? Let’s do that.

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dani,aaron,zoe,big megs wrote, on 2 March, 2011:

How about 300 pound to share?
or maby a couple of laptops (cheap ones) or the amazon vouchersthat are 400 pound to share

hope they get a good prize :] xx

or maby a 5 night trip to london?

Dennis wrote, on 1 April, 2011:

Vouchers for something like jessops? Try to get some free vouchers from them or something..

Harry wrote, on 2 April, 2011:

I think proper cameras would be great. That would encourage winners to continue communicating science to others. Vouchers seem a bit boring, and software is easy to come by these days.

Daisy(: , Jen Mo(: & Chloe(: wrote, on 13 April, 2011:

We think a trip to London would be Pretty Cool, And it could include trips to Places in London. And for a 2nd and 3rd prize (If there is One) Maybe like Tickets to a Theme park... Or Something like that for each member of the group Plus a ticket for Teachers... Thankyouu (: x

big don ") wrote, on 18 April, 2011:

Now big don thinks that the london trip is good and I like the theme park idea to. What about like some money to share or like a day out to mcdonalds ")

(megan:)&dani;)x wrote, on 18 April, 2011:

I think just for firts prise a trip to london just the cast members with a teacher or adult including some site tours or something. Then for 2nd and 3rd a few vouchers for some help towards buying a camara of there own to encourage them to keep on recording short flims and keep doing scince and enter again next year ;-D Thanks

Jamie wrote, on 2 June, 2011:

What about the people who live in london..?

If there are going to be trips, make it so somewhere outside the UK, as it is a UK competition!

Cameras seem a much better idea. They would be a long-lasting prize, rather than a trip that would be over in a couple of days. Cameras are also keeping in the spirit of the competition - encouraging young people to spread science.

A good camera makes a lot of difference to a video, and giving a camera to a motivated person (and who wouldn't be motivated by winning!) would almost certainly lead to more videos of this sort being made.

Cameras get my vote.

Liam wrote, on 4 June, 2011:

I think that Camras would be a Good idea. My camra has Awful sound and it would be Brillliant to have a better one ( :