The Nerve Song

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License: Creative Commons Attribution The Nerve Song Richard Spencer
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15 Jun, 2011


A 150 year-old folk song repurposed to describe neurons and their actions.

Director's Notes:

A song about the structure of neurones and different types of neurone involved in a reflex arc, pitched at GCSE level.

Sorry about the singing, but once you get the tune (in the charts 150 years ago!) you can singalong too!

(The song is an old music hall song, “Cushie Butterfield”.)

SciCast Notes:

I rather liked Jack and the Beanstalk, so this is… well, even more eccentric, perhaps. But we like eccentrics at SciCast, so even if you can’t bear folk music grit your teeth and admire how well-written this is.

— Jonathan