Jack And The Beanstalk

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Jack And The Beanstalk Richard Spencer
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07 Jun, 2011


Mining a pantomime for every last drop of biology. There’s more than you’d expect. Oh, yes there is!

Director's Notes:

This is a story… about feeding relationships. It introduces herbivores, carnivores, symbionts, saprobionts, parasites and autotrophs through the story “Jack and The Beanstalk”.

The film uses the traditional pantomime story of “Jack and The Beanstalk” to link different types of feeding relationship. Includes reference to autotrophs, herbivores, carnivores, parasites, symbionts and saprobionts.

Winner: Best Film (Adults), 2011

SciCast Notes:

This is gloriously mad. The giant was miserable because he had a tapeworm? Obviously. Of course that’s the part of the story the pantomimes miss out.

A terrific example of how good delivery and simple visuals can combine to rattle through a considerable amount of material in no time flat. Excellent.

— Jonathan


Patrick Devlin wrote, on 8 June, 2011:

This is a feat of human genius not parralled in the explored world.

John Marsh wrote, on 12 June, 2011:

Imaginative and memorable way to link different types of nutrition

Supermallam wrote, on 21 June, 2011:

Best bed time story ever but didnt expect anyless from doc, amazing as always

SophiaQ. wrote, on 21 June, 2011:

OMG! it actually makes sense (mad tho')

Ollie C wrote, on 23 June, 2011:

Pure top cheese. :D

Jack The Beanstalk Man wrote, on 27 June, 2011:

Good video.

Anthony wrote, on 28 June, 2011:

This is amazing!

robin hood wrote, on 30 June, 2011:

excellent film - explained everything I needed to know!

amy coats wrote, on 1 July, 2011:

this is amazing and really helpful!!

Mary Greenwell wrote, on 30 January, 2012:

Brilliant video!!! Very funny and excellent for revision :)