Dance 2 (It’s all about the Genes)

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Dance 2 (It's all about the Genes) Express Dance
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15 Jun, 2011


An exploration of ideas from genetics, expressed through dance.

Director's Notes:

Young dancers worked alongside Dance Base, The University of Edinburgh, Herriot Watt University and three experienced choreographers to create their own genomics-inspired dance pieces. They heard talks and took part in activities exploring ‘Identity and Genetics’ and explored ideas such as:

  • Who are you and how did you become that way?
  • Was it fate? Genetics? Family pressure?
  • What about ambition and personal choice?

They then expressed themselves in creative dance and invite you to share the end result with them by watching these dance videos. The video here has been slightly edited to fit the rules of SciCast: to see the full dance, please see

SciCast Notes:

See Dance 1 for the companion piece to this. I think I like this one better. You?

— Jonathan