Circuit Breakers

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Circuit Breakers Chick Flow
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15 Jun, 2011


Chickens! Electricity! Less unpleasant than it sounds!

Director's Notes:

The Circuit Breakers test different materials to check which make a complete circuit. When a circuit is made a little chick chirps.

Nominee: IOP Best Physics Film (Primary), 2011

SciCast Notes:

“Do we have Chicki-flow? We have Chicki-flow!”

Brilliant. They’re quite mad, of course, but how else are you going to investigate conducting and non-conducting substances? The film’s nicely-structured, too, with the closing thoughts.

— Jonathan

1 comment:

Sarah Keer-Keer wrote, on 16 June, 2011:

Chicki-flow !! Fabulous. I really like this film :)