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License: Creative Commons Attribution 3D -- Explained LH directors
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20 Jun, 2011


How to make 3D glasses and shoot 3D video.

Director's Notes:

A short explanation of how 3D films are made. Also you have the chance to make your own 3D glasses as we have included a tutorial on how to make them.

SciCast Notes:

Ah, now this is interesting. There are a bunch of different 3D techniques, and when you go to the cinema it’s mostly a polarising effect that’s used (which is why you can still see natural colours). But this is indeed one way of doing it. There’s a great tutorial over at Mashable covering shooting 3D with a pair of Flip cameras taped together, and editing using YouTube’s 3D video editor.

Oh, by the way — I love the subtle dig at Surviving in Space. Funny!

— Jonathan.