Physical Force

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Physical Force The Backgarden Trio
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20 Jun, 2011


Physics! Spies! Special effects!

Director's Notes:

How do you inform your audience about simple physics and keep them entertained at the same time? Simple, get a high dose of action, inject it into a 007 wannabe, give him an evil nemesis who likes the colour orange (?!), mix that in with a mad scientist to explain it all and hey presto, magic!

This is our first attempt at a short film and concocting action with physics, we hope you like it and hope you want to try it yourselves. All you need is as camera and the willpower to dig out that creative spark within you while having fun with friends.


Nominee: Creative & Technical Achievement, 2011

SciCast Notes:

Oooh, very classy production, this, and a great gag version of the classic ‘Monkey and Hunter’ demo. Deeply silly, too.

Credit to the team for persevering, too. They shot this film last year, but messed up some copyright issues (I’m guessing they used the James Bond theme music?). So this is freshly-edited and updated for 2011. The team have used a bunch of effects and fancy bits from Video Copilot, but they’re not over-done.

Very classy indeed.

— Jonathan