Nuclear Fusion

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Nuclear Fusion Luke, Kieran and Elliot
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20 Jun, 2011


The other nuclear reaction.

Director's Notes:

What happens inside stars? Why is the Sun hot? Isn’t Nucleosynthesis an indie band? It’s all here…

Luke, Kieran and Elliot made this film at St Albans School as a L6 summer project. Structure and guidance was given by the teachers, but the conception and creation of the film is entirely the work of the students.

Music: Jane Austin in Space by C.P.Bryan provided by

SciCast Notes:

Ooh, I like these animation-on-a-whiteboard films, it’s a really lovely style. You can almost smell the patience, too. Or maybe that’s synesthesia. Anyway, there’s a lot crammed into this.

A detail worth noting: the audio mix is rather good. The music bubbles along nicely, doesn’t get in the way but does help push things along. Nicely done.

— Jonathan


Ben Smith wrote, on 21 June, 2011:

It must have taken hours to make :O

Frazer Flintham wrote, on 22 June, 2011:


steven spielberg wrote, on 31 July, 2011: