SciCast – Film School

Production — Paperwork

If you’re showing people on video and publishing to the world (which we are!), you need to make sure you have appropriate consent. For under 16s, this means permission from parents or guardians too.

As part of the submission process for SciCast we’ll give you bits of paperwork that you’ll need to complete. The main form — participation consent — sets out what the films will be used for, has a space for you to note who’s been in charge (and is hence our contact point for the team), and asks for permission to reproduce the individual’s performance and likeness.

We offer these forms as a guide — schools and companies may have their own procedures, and often collect blanket agreements once a year or so, which may cover you.

There’s nothing scary about any of this — you’re simply putting yourself in a position where you can show that everyone involved knew what they were doing, and they knew that the film would be published online.


Note that the film remains your property throughout. As part of the submission process, you agree to a specific publication license (see the next section) — but we don’t ask that you transfer ownership or copyright of the film to SciCast. This keeps things simpler overall, and means you can do whatever you like with your film as well as give it to us (you’re welcome to publish it on YouTube, for example).

But it also means that the responsibility for ensuring all participants give appropriate consent is yours.

Child Protection

We go to great lengths to keep things like your email address secure. For obvious reasons, we prefer not to identify children clearly.

Our preference is that your film should use a team name only, and we strongly recommend you avoid identifying individuals by full name, particularly if your school is also identified.

We seem to be more paranoid about this than many schools are — they actively want the recognition. That’s fair enough, and if we’re sent a film with full names and schools we will publish it. However, our preference and recommendation remains that you don’t include full identifying information in your film.