SciCast – Film School

Gear — Introduction

To make a film, you need a video camera, right? Actually, no, technically. We’ve had some lovely animations submitted: see this page for some notes. But in general, yes, you need a camera.

Haven’t got one? We’ve some help for you on the next page.

You’ll also want to think about sound, and how you’re going to record it — see this page for advice on that — and editing software for your PC.

The biggest thing to worry about, however, isn’t the camera, or the sound, nor even editing — it’s being able to plug everything together so it works. No single part of the puzzle is any good to you at all if it doesn’t talk to the other stages.

Remember: the goal here is to make films, not to fiddle about with cables for days on end.


The SciCast blog tries to keep up-to-date with relevant gear, deals, and suppliers, so check there for the latest news. There’s a specific ‘equipment’ section to make those posts easy to find.