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License: Creative Commons Attribution Reactivity Badminton School 6th Form Chemistry Students
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06 Jun, 2011


Explaining how electron configuration leads to changes in reactivity across and down the periodic table.

Director's Notes:

An explanation of how and why the reactivity of elements changes down groups and across period. The film uses animation and footage from laboratory demonstrations to explain the concepts.

We were all interested in chemistry and were eager to make a video which could explain some simple chemistry while learning how to use some advanced video software (CrazyTalk, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and Audacity).

We also had the chance to make some gun cotton for our titles, which was very exciting.

Nominee: Best Chemistry Film, 2011

SciCast Notes:

A really good, clear explanation, solidly written and with a well-delivered voiceover. Excellent.

I have no idea what the fluffy albino vampire alien thing is about, but hey, that’s me.

— Jonathan.