Radio Carbon Dating

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Radio Carbon Dating Syd-14
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22 Jun, 2011


How the decay of Carbon-14 can be used to date archeological specimens.

Director's Notes:

Describes how to use radio carbon dating (or C-14 dating) to find out the age of ancient artefacts, in this case a human bone (from poor old Stanley the Roman.

The film was made by a year 10 Physics class (average age 15). All of the class contributed in some way. Script was written by the team, with just a little checking from class teacher to check the Physics was OK.

SciCast Notes:

I’m convinced some teams deliberately torture me with the most obscure file formats they can find. If we gave out awards for that, this would be this year’s winner — the sound and pictures were playing back at different frame rates within the same file. First time I’ve seen that.

Anyway. Fixed now. And I’m glad, because the film’s fun - it’s a shame it’s technically challenged, because it’s well-written and packs in a good chunk of material. Great effort.

— Jonathan


Elin wrote, on 28 June, 2011:

'the one that wouldn't go *pop*' Lovely.

BingBongBang wrote, on 22 February, 2013: