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License: Creative Commons Attribution A Wee Bit of Science Millie Productions
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22 Jun, 2011


How much water do you need to drink?

Director's Notes:

Live demonstration of the effect of water on your wee.

Winner: Best Biology Film, 2011

SciCast Notes:


— Jonathan


Elin wrote, on 22 June, 2011:

I think we've found the right subject for an asparagus test film...

Sai wrote, on 22 June, 2011:

Brilliant! Love that Gabriel remembers which glass he's supposed to drink out of. Not sure I would.
And very well explained. Mums do know best...

Furry Uncle wrote, on 8 July, 2011:

I'm going to be on the lookout for that jug next time I come round for drinks... :-o

Miguel wrote, on 9 July, 2011:

FUnny! I liked the running up and down stiars

Teacher who uses Sci-cast wrote, on 9 July, 2011:

Very cool film. Interesting investigation. Extremely well presented. Very confident and clear. Well done!

So proud of you Gabriel, I can see you being a future tv presenter on Braniac or The Gadget Show.

Uncle John wrote, on 22 July, 2011:

Really cool film Gabe, Well Done!!!

Philip Hodder wrote, on 23 July, 2011:

That's brilliant! More science from Gabriel please!

Greg Page wrote, on 23 July, 2011:

Excellent stuff. Well done Gabriel (and Mum). Being natural in front of the camera is a gift. You have a great future ahead of you.