Centripetal Force

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Centripetal Force Harry Nuttall
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22 Jun, 2011


A bucket of water upside-down over your head. Not the smartest thing ever? Keep watching…

Director's Notes:

In this video, I do an experiment which involves me swinging a bucket of water over my head and hopefully not getting wet! After the experiment, we go inside to have a look at the science behind this crazy experiment.

Nominee: Best Presentation, 2011

SciCast Notes:

The technical quality is a bit ropey, but look beyond that and this is great!

Excellent performance, clear explanation, great script. Brilliant.

— Jonathan


david ward wrote, on 11 July, 2011:

great video, well presented Harry

Kieran Smith wrote, on 21 July, 2011:

I think that this video could have better sound

sam wrate wrote, on 21 July, 2011:

hi harry this vidio is great but i wish you got wet!!!!!!!!!

Andy Ellison wrote, on 30 July, 2011:

Excellent Physics Harry, well done!