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License: Creative Commons Attribution Fireworks Reactivity
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10 Jun, 2011


A presentation about the chemistry of flame colours.

Director's Notes:

A demonstration of how fireworks get their colours. A student film produced on a media and science curriculum day.

SciCast Notes:

Some SciCast films are a tremendously well-rehearsed, polished, intricate affairs. Others just get in there and hit record, then cut out the rubbish bits. I’m glad we’ve room for both here, as I’d miss the fresh and spontaneous feel of films like this.

Sure, it’d be better if we could see a close-up of the flame test, but then the film would have taken twice as long to make. And you know what? Sometimes the details really don’t matter, and just getting it done is the key.

Good effort.

— Jonathan

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Cool video guys and gals :)