Chemistry Is Sweet

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Chemistry Is Sweet Amber
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10 Jun, 2011


Chemical reactions illustrated through the medium of confectionary. Wait… what?

Director's Notes:

This is my first go at a Stop-Motion Animation, illustrating mechanisms of reaction through the rolling around of sweets on a page! It might not be the best quality animation ever (there were a few technical difficulties, including excessive stickiness, spelling mistakes and me accidentally eating some of the sweets), but at least it is Chemistry which is both repeatable and eatable!

SciCast Notes:

You might want to pick through this more slowly to follow what’s going on, because it really is as clever as it looks. Painstaking, and I’m fairly certain it’s the first time I’ve seen electron migration illustrated with jelly beans. I’d remember if I’d seen that before, right?

Inventive. Just a teensy bit unhinged. Sounds like SciCast to me. Love it.

— Jonathan


Shelly wrote, on 12 June, 2011:

Wow, this is really well done! It is very imaginative, having sweets. A great effort.

Tim wrote, on 12 June, 2011:

This is awesome! I love the idea of it and your hard work relly has paid off.

Bex wrote, on 14 June, 2011:

That is awesome. I'm hungry now though :( Xx

Shannon wrote, on 14 June, 2011:

I really liked this! The use of sweets was really creative and the overall composition was very well done. I liked the bright colours and the general style of the piece. Fantastic!

Stuart wrote, on 16 June, 2011:

Wow... was really good. Very helpful in revising chemistry!