Dial P for Physics

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Dial P for Physics EDC
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07 Jun, 2011


The Physics Squad investigate a curious case of murder, where the instrument of death is… a paint can.

Director's Notes:

A Murder Mystery that requires physics to find the real murderer. This film was based on the film noir style with the Sin City colour blocking effect thrown in too. The film is centred around the simple experiment of dropping a bottle with a hole in it.


  • Detective Eddington — Henry Lau
  • Detective Hooke — Clare Mills
  • Ms Berz — Vicky Swinerd
  • Rosalind — Helen Rafferty
  • Murderer — Lara Ogunbawo
  • Director — Henry Lau
  • Assistant Director — Manchi Chung
  • Camera & Music — Dan Josman
  • Science advisors — Alice Pulman, Taj Bhutta

SciCast Notes:

This may be the first full-blown forensic science procedural we’ve had on SciCast, and it’s a complex film, with flash-backs, re-enactments, and the central demonstration. Packing everything into 2:30 means something had to give, and I guess it’s the sense of mystery. We can’t work out whodunnit because we simply don’t meet them until the end.

But you know, I rather like it. At heart it’s a film of a straightforward demo, and the investigation framing simply gives it a bit of character. There’s not enough time for it to become too distracting.

My biggest regret is that the demonstration the team have picked is one that’s rather hard to capture on camera at the best of times; seeing a small stream of water not emerging from the bottle is… not easy.

They look like they had fun, though.

— Jonathan.