The Mpemba Effect

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License: Creative Commons Attribution The Mpemba Effect It's Physics Time
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01 Nov, 2010


Does hot water freeze faster than cold water? Our intrepid physicists investigate.

Director's Notes:

Team It’s Physics Time write:

Christine is yet again putting things in the oven, but this time will it work?

A brief explanation of The Mpemba Effect.

SciCast Notes:

Recognise the kitchen? It’s the same one as in Pressure and the Gas Laws — yes, It’s Physics Time are back with another SciCast film. Another slightly odd SciCast film, at that. But we like odd films, so that’s OK.

Good choice of subject, decent explanation, they’ve clearly had fun. And there’s a comedy racoon. Bonus.

The Mpemba Effect is one of those mildly thorny subjects that leads to edit wars at Wikipedia. Worth reading up on if you’re interested in studying it yourself.

— Jonathan.