Boat Bother

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Boat Bother Super Hero Scientists
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15 Jul, 2009


A demonstration gone wrong? How can this be? Can the superhero scientists solve the calamity?

Director's Notes:

Team Super Hero Scientists write:

One poor girl is trying to make her tin foil boat move. She needs help from the Super Hero Scientists!

SciCast Notes:

“Start with a demonstration!” we shout, all over the SciCast website. “It makes film-making much simpler!” we claim. Great, but what do you do if your experiment doesn’t work?

You do this.

This film is a brilliant lesson in helping people actually repeat your experiment. It’s very easy to leave out the problems you struggled to overcome and hence present a demonstration as straightforward and easy. They rarely are.

So this film is both honest and brave, and I thoroughly applaud it for that.

I must also thoroughly grovel to the film-makers, who’ve been politely reminding me for some time now that their film hadn’t been published. Thing is, I … er … lost it. Well, ish. “Publish the superhero scientists film” they clamoured, reasonably enough. Thing is, I have four films with superheroes in, and it wasn’t entirely obvious to which one they were referring. “S5827” Boat Bother, it turns out.

Sorry, entirely my fault. But a handy reminder to everyone else: quote your film reference in all correspondence! You wouldn’t believe how much easier it makes everything at this end. Really.

— Jonathan