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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Ten Ten Ten Helston Science
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15 Jul, 2009


A film on eutrophication with a comical slant.

Director's Notes:

Team Helston Science report:

Each summer our year 9 students visit the local National Trust estate for an ecology day. One of the speakers is an actor and acts like a local farmer who ‘lags on’ the fertiliser. These students paid homage to him via this video.

SciCast Notes:

I’m not often a huge fan of blue- or green-screen techniques, as it’s rather too easy to get carried away with the technology and forget that it’s supposed to be helping you tell a story. Here, though, it’s used rather well — there’s a good tight script, the visuals help back up what’s being said, and we’re neither distracted nor frustrated by the digital processing that’s involved.

In fact, it’s quite possible to watch the film without noticing that anything tricksy is going on at all. Which is, I think, exactly how camera tricks should be use.

— Jonathan