Pollution Aaarrgghh!!

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Pollution Aaarrgghh!! Eagle Eye 9
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19 Jun, 2009


An animation about the sources of pollution, and some possible solutions

Director's Notes:

Team Eagle Eye 9 write:

The girls were keen to make an environmental film, particularly one about pollution. So they researched some material and came up with the idea of a cartoon. To make it a bit more hands-on for them, we decided to get them to create the backdrop and make moveable figures to allow them to use stop motion animation. This allowed each pupil the chance to take part in the animation process.

SciCast Notes:

Nominee: Institute of Physics Best SciCast Physics Film, 2009

Nominee: Best Earth Science & Environment Film, 2009

Another classy film from the Eagle Eye gang in Glasgow. I love the animation style in this, and I really want to know how they’ve done some of the little computer animations. Very neat indeed.

You know what I really like, though? The textured paper background. That little stipple of paper grain makes a huge difference to the film, giving it a depth it would otherwise lack. I may be going a bit arty on you again.

OK, so it’s quite earnest, but climate change is a serious topic, so maybe that’s appropriate?

A lovely, charming film.

— Jonathan