Floating Tea Bag

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01 Apr, 2009


Year 8 pupils set fire to a teabag on top of a £20 note.

Director's Notes:

A neat trick that’s also often done with the wrappers for amaretti biscuits, those delicious almondy things made from apricot kernels that you get in fancy Italian restaurants.

Here, a humble teabag suffices.

As with all experiments involving fire, do this only with adult supervision.

SciCast Notes:

Winner: Best Presenter, 2009

This is a deceptively simple film. A static camera, clamped on a tripod; a straightforward (though unusual and impressive) demonstration; a tidy explanation. It’s completely made by the performances of its two presenters, which lift it from being a competent but unremarkable SciCast film, into being an Award-winner.

Terrific stuff.

— Jonathan.