Absolute Absorbency or Not?

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Absolute Absorbency or Not? Barnes Primary 61!
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01 Apr, 2009


Testing which clothing would be most suitable to wear on a rainy day.

Director's Notes:

Team Barnes Primary 61! wrote:

Our film included children in both classes in year 3 (61 pupils), along with their teachers and another teacher who helped to edit.

They tested a variety of clothes to see which absorbed the most water, and which the least — and hence worked out whether pyjamas would be a good choice for keeping you dry in a downpour.

SciCast Notes:

Winner: Best Film — Primary, 2009

This is just delightful. Utterly, utterly charming, and a brilliantly funny experiment. Behind-the-scenes it must have been an immense task, coordinating so many participants (yes, there really were 61 of them).

It’s a shame the picture quality is so poor, but it’s still a superb piece of work, and a worthy winner.

— Jonathan.