It’s About Time

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License: Creative Commons Attribution It's About Time Small Dog Productions
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01 Apr, 2009


A look at the complexity of time, and why it’s worth further study.

Director's Notes:

Small Dog Productions write:

Measuring time, like everything else is odd. Of all quantities, it’s the one we can measure most precisely, yet our (non-physics) perception of its passage and how it passes in reality (physics) is far from fixed.

This is a rather rich film with more material than you should be expected to deal with in its allotted time. Sorry… As ever, time was too short.

Includes public domain images from Karen’s Whimsy.

SciCast Notes:

Winner: Best Film — Adults, 2009

A breathless masterpiece, which must surely have taken hours and days to composite and animate?

Small Dog Productions is better-known to some of you as stalwart SciCast supporter Andrew Hanson, of the National Physical Laboratory. At the Awards event his wife Sharmila mentioned that he’d been up until 4am every day through the Christmas break getting this film finished in time for the deadline. So, yes — it did. Blimey.

It’s terrific to see such dedication applied to SciCast, and I’m delighted it’s been rewarded, but it does rather confirm a suspicion I’ve had for a while: Andrew, you’re mad.

In a good way. I think.

(incidentally, in case anyone wonders: yes, Andrew does run the Richmond Schools’ Science Film competition that sends many films SciCast’s way. However, he’s not involved in the judging process for SciCast, and his film was viewed on a level footing with others in the Adults category.)

— Jonathan.