The Great Cheddar Cheese Mystery

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License: Creative Commons Attribution The Great Cheddar Cheese Mystery Sidcot School lower sixth chemists
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14 Jun, 2011


Is Cheddar Gorge really made of cheese? Ignoring the fact that nobody thinks it is, this team investigate anyway!

Director's Notes:

Our school is near Cheddar Gorge and we wanted to make a film about limestone and to shoot it in the gorge. We aimed for some science and hopefully some humour and a novel scenario. We didn’t plan on it snowing during filming.

Winner: Best Earth Science & Environment Film, 2011

SciCast Notes:

Some science — check!
Humour — check!
Novel scenario — check!

The team may have forgotten to note that their film is entirely ridiculous. Though I have to say, experimenting on cheese is funny, and you can’t fault the team’s dedication. They’ve lugged a considerable range of props and costumes out to Cheddar Gorge, got the details right (showing the acid attacking the rock? Great stuff), and gritted their teeth through the weather. Also, would you wear the caveman outfit… I was going to say ‘in show’, but actually, ‘ever’?

Ridiculous. Glorious. I love it.

— Jonathan

1 comment:

SP wrote, on 15 June, 2011:

Brilliant! Shouldn't the title be 'The GRATE Cheddar Cheese Mystery'? ;)