The Aerofoil

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License: Creative Commons Attribution The Aerofoil MTS Physics
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15 Jun, 2011


The new-fangled technology of the aerofoil, explained in vintage style.

Director's Notes:

An interesting and informative look into the aerofoil and its many uses, delivered in a 1940s style.

Nominee: Creative & Technical Achievement, 2011

SciCast Notes:

Those of us of a… certain age will remember Professor Magnus Pyke, who… was like this. It’s rather a good impression, actually. However, the real star here is the animated diagram of airflow around the wing form.

The only problem is that there are lots of incomplete explanations of how wings work, and it looks to me that the team have fallen for one of them. It’s worth looking up angle of attack for a bit more detail, but even those sorts of explanations are a bit incomplete. So there’s no shame — wings are really hard.

— Jonathan.


Sue B wrote, on 17 November, 2011:

How did this not win?! OMG!! Well Done!!!

Jonathan N wrote, on 13 December, 2011:

I actually think that this is really good, it's got the humour,the excellent theme and some brilliant acting. Why no prize?