Potty Putty

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10 Jun, 2011


What’s going on in the structure of silly putty that makes it behave the way it does?

Director's Notes:

Shows some of the properties of Potty Putty and briefly explains the microscopic structure which leads to these properties.

Filming went well although the green-screen background was not as successful as we would have liked. We had great fun - as you can see.

SciCast Notes:

The greenscreen work isn’t bad here, I thought. It’s really hard to do it perfectly, which is one reason I’m not a huge fan of the technique. So this team shouldn’t feel bad that their tables crawl a bit.

It’s a very well thought-through and sophisticated film. Great clear voice-over, nice close-ups, diagrams and models — what’s not to like?

— Jonathan

1 comment:

Jamie wrote, on 17 June, 2011:

The analogy of spaghetti is a very nice touch : )