Alkali Metals and Reactivity

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Alkali Metals and Reactivity Cranner Crew
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10 Jun, 2011


Reactivity — demonstrations with lithium (meh) and sodium (woah!)

Director's Notes:

A short film showing how the alkali metals vary in reactivity. Lithium and Sodium used practically, as examples.

Nominee: Best Chemistry Film, 2011

SciCast Notes:

Nicely clear, this, with good close-ups and a cleanly-recorded voice-over. It’s great to have some good practical chemistry, and it’s commendably quick.

Ah, but should they have added the explosion sound over the sodium? When the BBC do that, people accuse them of fakery. “Gone too far”, or “who cares”?

— Jonathan

1 comment:

Secret :P wrote, on 11 January, 2012:

I think this is an exceptional video, showing the explosive power of chemistry, in a practical and fun way, definitely deserve to win, WE LOVE YOU EMMA, RAPHIE, AVA, ELLIE :D