Magic Pencil…. or not?

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Magic Pencil.... or not? South Lake Primary School Scientists
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21 Jun, 2011


Why a pencil appears to bend when partly-immersed in water.

Director's Notes:

Why do things seem to bend or move as they go into water? This is a short film describing Refraction through water and glass. It was planned entirely by one year 6 child who then needed help from two other people. All the filming and computer animation/editing took place on one Tuesday in April.

Winner: IOP Best Physics Film (Primary), 2011

SciCast Notes:

This is lovely! Particularly the whispered ‘Go!’ that’s left in, but also the close-ups of the light and the prism are terrific. OK, they’re pretty dark, but this team have done well to get anything to show up at all.

Good clear explanation, too. Great stuff.

— Jonathan