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License: Creative Commons Attribution 5 Minutes The Bridginators
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01 Nov, 2010


A bridge, an engineering disaster, a news report. There’s a pattern here…

Director's Notes:

A bridge collapses killing two people. It was a wooden bridge and was only open to the public for 5 minutes when tragedy struck! A news team reports the disaster to the rest of the world and three scientists demonstrate a strong bridge and a weak bridge for the public to see.

We got our idea for our film from the work we have been doing in The World Around Us. Our topic is Bridges and we have been carrying out experiments to investigate the structure, strength and materials used to build bridges. We used some of our work from our class lessons in our film.

We did quite well with our filming. We used a camcorder for the first time and practised our lines a few times before recording which meant we mostly got everything right the first time. If we were to do this film again, we might put some animation shots in.

SciCast Notes:

Wow - rehearsal, and getting things right on the first take. There’s professional.

I like that we have four takes on the same subject from the same school — it’s interesting to compare the similarities and differences in what the groups have done. They’re more alike than not, but you’d pick different bits of each as the most important. The disaster scene in this version is rather well-done, for example. I’m not sure the rain effects are going to come across in tiny, compressed, web video, but be assured they are there. Nice touch.

The only thing that worries me is how many bridges seem to collapse near Meigh. If I ever visit, I’ll be crossing any river I encounter by ferry.

— Jonathan