Erupting Fizz

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Erupting Fizz Parkside A
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23 Jun, 2010


Salt, oil, lemonade… lava lamp!

Director's Notes:

Team Parkside A had just this to say about their film:

Lava lamp effect caused by adding oil and salt to lemonade.

SciCast Notes:


Whatever your experiment is, you’ll have had some reason for choosing it, some reason it appeals to you. Think about how you can capture that in your film; chances are, whatever you liked about it, other people will like too.

In this case, the experiment looks cool, and the team have quite rightly gone to town, taking lots of beautiful shots of it doing its thing. That’s all you need, really, but in this case they’e gone a step further by adding a very clear explanation of a surprisingly subtle effect.

Great work.

— Jonathan