Wibbly Wobbly Jelly

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25 Mar, 2009


The preparation and biology of jelly.

Director's Notes:

Jelly is prepared. With mock French accents. And moustaches. And lots of wobbling. And, possibly, a rather loose grip on conventional sanity.

SciCast Notes:

You can’t mark them down for lack of enthusiasm, can you?

There’s a bit of debate at SciCast Orbiting World Headquarters about this. Some maintain that jelly powder already contains gelatine (derived from hydolysed collagen), and in preparing a jelly you’re simply making a gelatine solution. The rest us studied physics, and tend to stare blankly when people talk about biology.

The consensus, though, is that we’d have liked this film much more had it had focussed just a little more closely on the science.

There’s still something infectiously silly about it, though. It’s ridiculous and quite possibly crazy, both of which are positive assets when it comes to SciCast films.

— Jonathan.