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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Lasers thegroupwithnoname
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25 Mar, 2009


The film shows some properties of lasers and explains how they work, as well as stating some uses.

Director's Notes:

Team thegroupwithnoname wrote:

We used a helium-neon gas laser and set up 2 mirrors to reflect the laser beam. To show it, we used a can of deodorant.

SciCast Notes:

This is a terrific explanation of a complex bit of physics, and it’s good that the film is a bit silly, too. Good use of animation, and an inventive use of school ties, even if we’re not sure how the agent escaped in time to give the explanation. Does that matter? Not at all.

If you spot a bit of an odd moment right at the end, that’s my fault — I made an edit to remove a safety worry. Apologies to the team!

— Jonathan

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