EMP Launcher v2

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike EMP Launcher v2 The Tinkerers
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25 Mar, 2009


An explosive tour into the fascinating world of capacitors with an electrifying finale.

Director's Notes:

The Tinkerers took part last year, submitting a film of their original EMP Launcher, which earned them nominations in the Engineering and Technical & Artistic Achievement categories.

They year they’re back, with an even better electromagnetic pulse launcher. They wrote this:

This experiment was setup with the expert guidance of our physics technician. The home-made capacitor is very easy to make, using sheets of tin foil and a bin bag. The EMP launcher however, is more complex, to make it is a closely guarded secret, but the innards involve 6 large capacitors, and a capacitor discharge unit, which quickly releases lots of electrical energy into a coil creating an electromagnetic field.

SciCast Notes:

Yay! I loved this group’s work last year, and it’s terrific to have them back with a new, improved EMP launcher, and a new, also improved film.

Lots of good science and electrical engineering in this, particularly about capacitors. I’d love to know more about the launcher itself, but perhaps it’s good that I don’t — I might be tempted to try making one, and that’s likely to be lethal.

Good camerawork, good music choice, and a terrific project — great work guys, lovely to have you back!

— Jonathan