Chemistry Attack!!

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Chemistry Attack!! LangClang
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05 Mar, 2009


Green eggs! Made using red cabbage water.

Director's Notes:

Team LangClang write:

Just like Art Attack, we’ve created a film for Scientists craving somehting creative to make out of everyday products. We’ve used organic products - eggs and red cabbage, to produce a chemical reaction: the juice of a red cabbage is an indicator of pH. So when added to the white of an egg (which is made up mostly of the protein albumen), which is alkaline, the juice of the red cabbage turns green. There are instruction on the movie showing how to do this at home, and proof that it in fact works!

SciCast Notes:

Oooh, now, this is tricky. I’m not usually a fan of speeding things up to fit within the time (particularly if lots of that time is then taken up with credits and out-takes), but somehow, this film works.

I like it partly because while red cabbage water indicator is one of those experiments that’s in every ‘things to do on a rainy day’ book out there, it’s extremely rare to see somebody doing this with it. There’s also something quite infectious about the presenters here — they look like they’re enjoying themselves, which is all you need, really.

So, I do like this film. A bit quick, maybe, but still clear enough, and the science is fascinating. Great stuff, good effort.

— Jonathan.