Levitation: Science or Magic?

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Levitation: Science or Magic? Shift Productions
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05 Feb, 2009


Levitating table-tennis balls and droplets of water. Wait, levitating *water*? Seriously?

Director's Notes:

We introduce the concept of levitation, concentrating on the need to balance forces due to gravity with an external force. We then provide a few practical demonstrations…

SciCast Notes:

OK, what, woah, did that just…?!

It’s odd, this film. I like it lots, and it’s terrific to have a contribution from a genuine research lab. We’ve plans for lots more of this sort of thing in the coming year, and this is a great start. It’s well-planned, clear, and hits a good friendly tone. Those of you who’ve taken part will know that all of this is deceptively difficult.

But then there’s the little bit at the end that’s absolutely stunningly gob-smacking, and I suddenly find myself wondering why they’ve been faffing around with a poxy hairdryer for two minutes when they could have been showing me the totally sci-fi sonolevitation rig that… oh, it’s finished.

Gaaah! I want to see more of that amazing bit of kit! It’s astonishing! Apart from anything else, I want to know why they’ve built it — not to mention how long it took, how long it works for, where the technology came from, and all the rest. It’s a fabulous bit of physics. Forget the hairdryer, show me the shiny thing!

Just me?

— Jonathan.